Meet Our Team

Katie, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Katie joined SVA in 2003 after completing her A.A. in General Studies emphasizing Biology from Mira Costa Community College. She received certification in radiation use and safety in Portland, Oregon, and an A.A. in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College. Katie regularly attends continuing education in veterinary medicine. She has extensive experience with preventive health care for dogs and cats, including dentistry.  Along with dentistry, Katie is well-practiced in anesthesia administration, maintenance and monitoring.

Katie is a sucker for kitties! Katie proudly cared for Marlee, who passed away gracefully at the age of 21.  Marlee gave Katie the experience of managing senior conditions in cats, such as renal disease and arthritis.

Katie helped to create the SVA on The Go program to help animals just like her cat Marlee who needed extra care but found regular visits to the veterinary office for medical services were too stressful. Katie brings her kind and gentle attitude and amazing sense of humor with her to every appointment, helping to keep both pet and owner calm and happy.

In her spare time, she’s interested in the outdoors – hiking, cycling, kayaking, and camping. She also practices yoga with her amazing dog Bill.

Renée, Veterinary Assistant

Renée joined SVA in 2012.  She began her career as a veterinary assistant in 2000 and spent several years working at an emergency animal hospital.  Her veterinary interests include senior care and emergency medicine.  Renée has a passion for training and behavior and aspires to train service dogs in the future.

Renée was chosen to be a part of the SVA on The Go team after several years with SVA working within the clinics. She has patience and a sense of compassion  that makes her an amazing asset when working with animals who may not be comfortable with medical care. Quick with a treat and a gentle hand, Renée does a great job of working to keep your pet calm and at ease during treatment.

At home, she had the privilege of sharing her life with Bailey Boxer and Simba the Jungle Cat, both adopted from an animal clinic after they were surrendered by owners who could no longer care for them.  Renée was then adopted by a feisty feline named Big Punisher.  All three pets lived out their golden years with Renée as their care taker.

In her spare time she enjoys wine tasting, watching hockey, gardening and feeding the neighborhood squirrels.

Julia Neal, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Julia Neal received a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington before moving on to get her veterinary degree from Washington State University.   Dr. Neal has a strong love of working with animals and people which started early with a job at Woodland Park Zoo.  She was also a veterinary assistant at Northwest Veterinary Hospital when she was younger which helped her cement her desire to become a veterinarian.  Since then she’s pursued training to hone her surgical and diagnostic skills.  She has a special interest in behavioral medicine as well as a physical rehabilitation for pets. Dr. Neal also practices out of our Ravenna Animal Hospital when she is not "On the Go."

When she’s not at work, Dr. Neal enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling.  She lives with a spoiled dog named Charlie and three cats who run the house named Starsky, Sundance, and Pinot.


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